Year 4 are spreading The Word…

This Wednesday, Year 4 became the first children EVER to set foot inside South Shields’ brand new 21st Century library, The Word. We couldn’t wait to get back to school and tell everyone about the VIP event.

We looked at the hundreds of brand new books, played with the mechanical Lego, learned about local shipwrecks on the giant ipads and were read stories in the magical 3D StoryWorld. We even saw Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore!

The library opens to the public this Saturday (22nd October) and we can’t wait to get back there.

Meet your new School Council

Last week we had a very exciting time of nominations, speeches and voting at the ballot boxes. The results came in and all of our new school councillors were very popular choices. They are looking forward to working together and representing the views of all the children at Marine Park Primary School.

Year 1 and 2 Judo









Judo experts came into school to give our children a taster session. As you can see the children had a lot of fun.


Trying a judo move.


Look at our judo poses.


We had a lot of fun!


Suhana and Zahra showing us a judo restraint.PICT0313

Year 1 trying judo moves with a partner.



Year 2 enjoyed the taster session.


Year 1 pose as judo experts.


Year 2 Riddle Writing

We have recently been creating our own FANTASTIC riddles. Read the clues below (created by Kareen) to see if you can guess which animal is being described:

I am always brown.

I am bigger than a rabbit, but smaller than a horse.

I run in fear when people try to hunt me down.

I am impossible to hunt with a knife.

I am super speedy!

I am a herbivore.

I move around in a herd.

My antlers are as sharp as a king’s sword.

What am I?



Year 1 visit the library.









Once every fortnight, year 1 visit the library. At the library the children have stories read to them and are allowed to choose a book that we can then share as a class. Here are some pictures of year 1 enjoying their time at the library.

PICT0342 PICT0343 PICT0346 PICT0347 PICT0348 PICT0349 PICT0350 PICT0351 PICT0353 PICT0354 PICT0358 PICT0360 PICT0364