1st – 5th June

This week we’ve had great fun making – and eating! – popcorn in our new Nursery area – the cafe.  Lisa brought in her popcorn machine and we all had a turn in our Skill Builder groups to see and hear the machine working and have a scoop of popcorn. Yum!   We also have ice-cream and sprinkles in our cafe, so if you feel like a treat … you know where to come!May-June 2015 022

1-3 December    We’ve been hard at work this week writing to our friend the Tiger.  He wrote and explained that he was very sorry that he’d eaten and drunk everything at Sophie’s house when he went there for tea and he wondered whether anyone would ever ask him to tea again.  We decided to invite him to our party on Thursday as we’ve made lots of crispy cakes and we’ll be having hot chocolate.  We wrote our invitations, put stamps on the envelopes, checked their weight at the Post Office and then posted them in the post box.  We had to stretch to reach it, but we did it!

‘s Street signs, post box etc 3.12.14 029

Posting letters

October Birthday Wishes

20.10.14 Birthday Dough SGT 003

Our friend Victoria has just had her 4th birthday.  She is with her mum and dad in Panama City at the moment, so we took a picture of our class with a big Happy Birthday, Victoria sign and emailed it to her.  She sent us lots of pictures and told us some very interesting things about Panama.  Did you know it rains twice as much there as in the UK?

Hola, Victoria!  We’ll see you soon.