Meet your new School Council

Last week we had a very exciting time of nominations, speeches and voting at the ballot boxes. The results came in and all of our new school councillors were very popular choices. They are looking forward to working together and representing the views of all the children at Marine Park Primary School.

Year 2 Riddle Writing

We have recently been creating our own FANTASTIC riddles. Read the clues below (created by Kareen) to see if you can guess which animal is being described:

I am always brown.

I am bigger than a rabbit, but smaller than a horse.

I run in fear when people try to hunt me down.

I am impossible to hunt with a knife.

I am super speedy!

I am a herbivore.

I move around in a herd.

My antlers are as sharp as a king’s sword.

What am I?



Multi-skills Event

Year 2 took part in a multi-skills festival with other schools, over 300 children were there. We all had lots of fun, made new friends and had lots of exercise. Thank you to all the children for their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm.Multiskills