Meet your new School Council

Last week we had a very exciting time of nominations, speeches and voting at the ballot boxes. The results came in and all of our new school councillors were very popular choices. They are looking forward to working together and representing the views of all the children at Marine Park Primary School.

Persuasive writing

This week in class we are thinking about writing a persuasive argument. We have visited the park to consider why it is important to keep dogs under control. In our Big Write lesson we are going to share our ideas to persuade people to keep their dogs on leads so that everyone can enjoy a visit to the park.



We are always being reminded to keep ourselves safe when we use the Internet. We have looked at behaviour and stranger danger when using any hardware. We made masks to remind us that sometimes we don’t know who is on the Internet so we must never share personal information.


Y3 Shadow Dance

Y3 have been working with Garner from The Creative Seed and did a magical performance this morning in front of a wonderful audience of the rest of the school and parents/carers.

‘It was awesome’ was one of the many fantastic comments. Have a look at the photos  and see for yourself. Y3 were stars !!