Slime for the camera!

Year 4 had fun at Harton Technology College as we continued our adventures in science following British Science Week.

To start their Solids, Liquids and Gases topic off with a bang, Year 4 were shown how to use the Bunsen burners to rapidly boil and evaporate liquids before creating slime from PVA glue and borax.

As you can see, the children were amazed to be working in a real science lab and they really showed off their scientific thinking skills. Well done, Year 4!

PS – Year 5 will be heading up there soon to see some forces in action…

British Science Week 2017

Last week we all took part in British Science Week 2017.

Year 6 visited Harton Tech to work in the labs and improve their knowledge of light and sound.

We also welcomed ‘Technology Tom’ Mulholland back to school where he put on some great engineering workshops for Years 2 and 5, before treating the whole school to some fantastic and entertaining science shows in the afternoon.

A special thank you to all the Key Stage 2 parents who came in to enjoy the show.

Everybody had a great week!


Visiting Jarrow Town Hall


In the Mayor’s chamber.

Last Monday, our school council were given a guided tour of Jarrow Town Hall by the Mayor and Mayoress of South Tyneside. They found out about the history of the Town Hall, its role in the Jarrow Crusades and, most importantly, they got to quiz the Mayor about real life politics. They were even allowed to hold his VERY expensive gold chains!