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“Concerned about what your child is seeing on the Internet? Not sure how to keep them safe online? Want to know how to set privacy settings on mobile devices? For these answers and a lot more information on how to keep yourself and your family safe online come and meet the Southern Community Engagement Team and our partners from O2 on Tuesday 6th February between 10am and 12pm at The Word South Shields. O2 will have two of their technical ‘gurus’ there to answer any questions you may have as part of ‘Internet Safety Day’ “ If you would like more information on this event please contact the Southern Community Engagement Team at southern.ceo@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

We are delighted to announce we now have a free breakfast club every morning with the support of the Greggs Foundation.

Lynne Hindmarch and her colleagues from the foundation came to school today to attend the launch.

A Golf Day at Washington had been held to raise money to support our breakfast club and we would like to stay a huge thank you for their kind generosity.

Our breakfast club is open from 7.45 every morning and everyone ( parents/carers as well) are very welcome.

A choice of cereals, toast ( Greggs bread of course) , fruit, yogurt and milk are on the menu every day.