I left Marine Park in 2009 and then studied at Harton Technology College and Sixth Form. After that, I did my degree at Newcastle University in English Literature, graduating with a 2:1 in 2019, and then my Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing, where I graduated with a Distinction in 2022.

I remember how much I loved to read, getting lost in all these different worlds, this never stopped. I also enjoyed being creative, especially during Big Write. I remember being supported by all my teachers and learning that it didn’t matter that I didn’t speak and read in English perfectly because I ALWAYS tried to do my best, Miss Peel and Miss Kysow will remember! I found that trying hard and making mistakes along the way are important as they helped me learn how to be better.

I’m now working at Newcastle University, and I am a writer. The love for being creative never stopped. My poems have been featured in two printed works and I have performed at Spoken Word events, including Poet in the City and Born Lippy, and with my writer’s group, I have performed at Newcastle Fringe Festival and Novum Festival!

If you have something that you enjoy, like reading and writing, know that with hard work you can have a future in that!