Music Curriculum Statement

As part of Marine Park’s PACE Curriculum Framework, Music is taught to engage and inspire children to be creative. Our curriculum promotes a love of music, provides a platform for our students to create music together and to showcase their talent as musicians. Marine Park is rich in terms of diversity, where Music is viewed as a ‘social glue’ which supports language development, emotional intelligence and fosters collaboration skills to help us affiliate with others. To this extent, the Music Curriculum supports children to be successful learners and confident individuals who have an increased social awareness. 

Music is taught using coherent planning and through a logical sequence. The curriculum is progressive and is designed to help children build upon their knowledge and apply it confidently through performance in class and in front of an audience. Our intention is to provide children with the skills they need to build upon in secondary education and beyond. Our music curriculum engages students to learn the basic stages of music theory and enables them to become confident musicians. Students will be progressively challenged to improvise and compose pieces of music using the skills they have learnt. Children are supported to play various instruments from different genres. They have opportunities to enhance their understanding of other music, originating in different countries and cultures.

Through assemblies and shows, music taught in the classroom is performed in order to allow children to showcase their skills, and these events help inspire other children to develop a love of music. Throughout their time at Marine Park, students have the opportunity to be taught by professional musicians a broad range of instruments. When learning these instruments, they are always encouraged to showcase what they have learnt by performing in assemblies and during other events. This allows children to develop their passion for music outside of the curriculum.

We would like the best possible outcomes for our students following their primary education. This will enable our children to take opportunities to enhance their knowledge and confidence when engaging with music in adult life.