PSHCE Curriculum Statement


We believe in education in its broadest sense because it has the power to change and improve peoples’ lives.

At Marine Park Primary, PSHCE is at the core of the curriculum. The acquisition of skills, attitudes, values and understanding is essential to ensure the entitlement of all pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social (SMSC) development. PSHCE lessons throughout our school enable our children to become independent thinkers who are confident to challenge the unknown and think deeply about real issues. Children leave our school with shared values and experiences which prepares them for life in the 21st century with a particular focus on developing good mental health, emotional wellbeing and happiness.  Through an inspired love of learning, we will equip children with the correct tools to develop their own characters to be respectful, tolerant and active members of society by strengthening their life skills so that they can become citizens of the future. 

Successful PSHCE education is achieved through formal and informal learning and from experiences throughout the school, including the direct and indirect teaching of the British Values. Through debate, awareness and high-quality dialogue, our PSHCE curriculum will empower children to become leaders who are flexible in their thinking. As citizens of the future, they will explore and challenge social justice issues and question deep rooted beliefs to inspire them to create a more equal society.