PE Curriculum Statement

We believe in education in its broadest sense because it has the power to change and improve peoplesā€™ lives.


Our pupils learn best through experiential learning and the PE curriculum supports and promotes this. At Marine Park Primary, children are encouraged to participate in regular and varied inter and intra sports competitions and festivals, acquire new sporting knowledge from visiting coaches and instructors and learn new skills in a wide array of sporting clubs. Ā We provide the pupils with experiences and opportunities they may not otherwise access, both within the curriculum and as part of our extracurricular offer. Pupils are offered a curriculum which is exciting, engaging and ambitiously designed to support children to develop values that will serve them throughout their school life and beyond ā€“Ā passion,Ā respect,Ā confidence,Ā resilienceĀ and theĀ desireĀ to be healthy andĀ active members of society. To widen the aspirations of our young learners they are regularlyĀ exposed to a range of experiencesĀ that areĀ designed to help them to develop these personal qualities.

To promoteĀ resilienceĀ andĀ independenceĀ our curriculum encourages pupils to adopt aĀ growth mind-setĀ in order to learn from mistakes and develop as learners. Competitive sport is part of a broad curriculum. All pupils are expected to participate in intra school sport and many in inter school sport. The drive to compete and excel in physical activity, encouraged throughout the whole school, reinforces team work and communication and encouragesĀ children to excel in their academic and personal life.





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