This week is mental health awareness week and our topic is ‘Be kind’.

It’s time to think of others and yourself.

Sometimes we all feel a little low and sad. That’s ok – it’s ok to not be ok.

We need to remember to take time out and talk if we need to.

We may not always be together physically in school but the spirit and heart of Team Marine is always there for you when you need it.

Reach out and talk ❤


Watch this video…


Here are some resources you may find useful:

Download (PDF, 266KB)

Download (PDF, 165KB)

Download (PDF, 310KB)

Download (PDF, 2.61MB)


What acts of kindness have our staff been up to?

Mrs Newham and her boys have been making bunting for their cousin Anna’s 18th. They zoom called her with the bunting in the background

Mrs Begum has been sending food out to friends and family during Ramadan.

Miss Moat helped her niece write a letter to her favourite character.

Mrs Humble sent a message to her friend to make her smile.

Miss Razak has lots of presents to deliver to her friends and family on Eid day.