At Marine Park Primary School, we want our pupils to get the best experience from their school sports and P.E. lessons, therefore we continue to appoint a school sports council to help make decisions alongside the teachers to maintain a positive attitude towards school sport.
The children are passionate about school sport and are very motivated to ensure that we have all the right elements in place to ensure lessons and extra curricular sports clubs are as fun and enjoyable as they possibly can be. Their role includes:


 –Helping to organise and deliver Intra-School                                                      competitions

-Helping to ensure our achievements are shared with the rest of the school

– Helping to organise break time activities

-Being a representative for the rest of the school to put ideas and opinions forward about sport in school

– Helping collect pupil voice to ensure all pupils have a say on school sports matters

– Helping to organise and run both Sports Day


This is a great opportunity for the pupils of Marine Park Primary School to further their teamwork and communication skills, as well as have an input in their sporting development throughout the school.