Dear Team Marine,

I have been made aware of Marine Parks ‘work on careers’ initiative. I think this is a fantastic idea for all the wonderful boys and girls studying at Marine Park Primary School. I wanted to take part and share a part of my story.
The effort, dedication and care that was provided by the teachers at Marine Park primary school has profoundly shaped my life. When I first started I remember being very bad at mathematics and struggling to read whilst the other boys and girls around me were speeding through the pages. Thankfully I had a superhero in my earliest years who gave me the patience, motivation and attention I needed to sit my SATs and pass! Her name… Jane Kysow. Jane’s work pushes me to reach my potential to this day.
I left Marine Park in 2009, after which I attended Mortimer Community College, then Harton 6th form, where I sat my A-levels. The skills I gained from my teachers at primary school helped me achieve grades A to C in all my subjects. Geography was my favourite subject so proceeding my secondary education I graduated with a BA Geography degree from Northumbria University in Newcastle in 2020.
After Graduating I spent a year traveling and working in different parts of the world so that I could immerse myself in different cultures and improve my knowledge and understanding of the world. In 2021 I returned and moved to London where I worked really hard to earn a place on a Graduate Leadership Programme by the Metropolitan Police Force. Whilst on the programme I was able to fast track the police training process. I was enrolled into an intensive residential policing academy where I went from being a civilian to a Police Constable in 8 weeks. This process can sometimes take 18 months! After this I worked as a dedicated ward Constable in North West London where I helped to tackle long standing criminal activities in some of London’s most challenged neighbourhoods.
In April of 2023 I was offered a position to work for the Central Government in Cabinet Office. In this position I work closely with senior government officials and stakeholders as an Executive Officer in Operational Deliver Support. I help to support the design and implementation of HM Government’s policies and the Prime Minister’s priorities; and to ensure the delivery of the finest public services by attracting and developing the best public servants and improving the efficiency of government.
To all the amazing teachers that work incredibly hard and Allison Burden my head teacher, thank you. Your effort can shape a childs entire life as the effort of my teachers has shaped my life. To all the boys and girls at Marine Park, If you can dream it, with enough hard work, you can become it. Work hard and listen to your teachers!
I have attached an image of when I was a Police Officer to this email. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Syed Tambir Uddin