As part of their work in the “Mini Police”, the group of Year Five’s were invited to Hadrian Primary where they met part of Northumbria Police’s Mounted Unit. We discussed the role of being a mounted Police Officer as well as the role the horses play in events such as football matches and celebrations.

The pupils had to chance to meet a police-horse in training called “Penshaw” (Brown) as well as “Pluto” (Grey) who is a bit of a local celebrity after having taken part in Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Procession.

Towards the end of the session, pupils had the chance to take part in a simulated “crowd control” exercise, where Pluto, Penshaw and their riders demonstated how they deal with hooliganism and disruption.

Finally, the pupils had a chance to ask questions, including ‘how long does it take to train a police horse?’ and what they have to do to become part of Northumbria Police’s Mounted Unit.

Keep an eye out on the website as we may be visiting the stables very shortly.

Check out the experience in the photos below!